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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Distraction Completed

 On January 12th I posted here about a new distraction -  a puzzle.

Monday of this week, two weeks later, I finished it.

Here's how it looked Monday morning.

I'd left the large house for last.  I even had sorted out as many of the pieces that I thought were for the house.  That's what went into the bowl pictured to the right below.  It helped take some of the pieces from the box lid.  With the funny shapes of this puzzle it was all about color matching and then shape though many times a piece was bigger or smaller than expected.

Now it's done.  I won't get another one out to do for awhile.  There are going to be other things occupying my time in the weeks ahead.


Anvilcloud said...

Ive never been into jigsaws, bit i can appreciate that they are a good way to while-away winter hours, and the result is very nice.

acorn hollow said...

My husband is the puzzle guy and did so many at the start of this mess. I help him turn over the pieces and find the border and then he is on his own. That is a pretty puzzle too.

Tom said... are a patient soul.

Barbara Rogers said...

I've run out of light as well as thought provoking books to read. Maybe I can try a puzzle. I'll check the library for something that catches my interest. My attention span is about 15 minutes, but a puzzle can be left after that long, and will still be there when I come back. That one is a doozy...congrats on finishing. I wonder how many hours it took of your attention.

Joyce Lynn said...

When I start a new puzzle, I am obsessed until that last piece goes in. I've been known to stay up late into the night to put in just one more piece. When Andy was at home, he would always take one piece so he could put in the last one. Took me a while to catch on to what he was doing.

Vicki Lane said...

a nice result!