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Monday, May 11, 2020

A Must Read

For those concerned about how they might catch Covid-19 here's a very informative article by someone who knows of what they write.

For the near future, what I take from this is no in person gatherings of any length like church services, restaurant meals, parties, family gatherings from far and wide.  For those contemplating returning to work in the office, not a good idea.

I have to wonder what will happen when we move at the end of July?  I woke this morning realizing there was no way we could make the drive in one day since we won't depart here until after the truck is loaded with our things.  We have to arrive at the rental office for the keys when it's open.  I think we will have an overnight in a hotel half way there.  There are several we have used in the past when we've left late but I think we'd avoid any in Connecticut and opt for PA at the NY line.

We also want to make a trip to Buffalo at the end of June.  Daughter and family have purchased a new home and we have some things to give them plus we want to see it.  I mentioned to Dan yesterday that if we do that we may face a two week quarantine once we return here to Vantage Point.  And that's a real quarantine - no leaving apartment at all for that time.  Restrictions for retirement communities are definitely stricter.

65 days to the move!

So you may be asking, what's with the roses?

On Saturday we took a quick trip to Whole Foods for much needed supplies: milk, lettuce, coffee, and tea.  While waiting on the marked spots at the proper social distance, the line to the check out took us passed a display of roses.  I told Dan I wanted to buy myself some roses for Mother's Day.  So I did.

These are lovely but yesterday I got to thinking how did these roses grow with such long stems?  I've never seen a rose plant do that.  Today I noticed that some of these buds will likely never open.  The buds will bend and droop as so many of these long stemmed roses do. Take a look back at the photos and you'll see what I mean.

Then look at the bud above and how many petals are in there that will never see the light of day.

My daughter asked who sent the roses and I told her.  She was going to order some flowers for me but didn't know if they'd be delivered.  They would have.  There were mountains of flowers in the vestibule of our lobby yesterday afternoon.