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Monday, June 18, 2018

First Tuesday Hike

The first Tuesday of each month Vantage House fitness staff sponsors a hike.  For June the original destination was a wash out because of the heavy rain and flooding over the Memorial Day weekend.  [I'm sure you read or heard about the flooding in Ellicott City, MD.  We are very close to that though that wasn't the destination this time.]

The new location was a trail connecting one park to another.  It was a gorgeous day for a hike/walk.

From the parking lot we walked along soccer fields before reaching the woods.

The trail then went under the intra county connector rt 200 which is a fairly new toll road.

I was impressed by the design detail of the columns under the highway.

A trail sign confirmed the trail we were on, Little Paint Branch Trail.  Paint Branch is a creek in the area but I don't remember seeing it.  Our trail was paved but Viper wasn't.

The trail brought us out to another park with quite a large pond.

Lots of birds singing especially a mockingbird.

We returned the same way we came to our bus for the ride home.

On July 3rd we are headed to Annapolis and Quiet Waters Park.