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Friday, February 23, 2018

Scotland: Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

One of very last days in Scotland we went looking for gifts and happened upon the Stirling Smith Gallery.

The shopping happened in a mall off Main Street where we saw this version of Monopoly Stirling style.

More exploring brought us to this neat gallery and museum.


The gallery gets the name Smith from its founding using the bequest and collection of Thomas Stuart Smith in 1874.  In 1973 it had been closed for many years and the building was slated to be torn down when a group raised awareness and public support to reopen the gallery by 1990.

We spent several hours there and had a nice lunch too.

Exhibits included early life in Scotland.

We passed this sculpture when we walked to the museum and found an explanation about it inside.

On our walk back to the carpark we passed more sculptures.

And here was a section of the old wall surrounding the town.

What an enjoyable trip we had to Scotland.  Our next big trip is another river cruise.  This time from Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland.