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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Owl Nesting Box

We spent last weekend in New Hampshire and had a chance on Saturday to attend a couple of the studio open houses across the Connecticut River in Vermont.  The most enjoyable one was at the Vermont Stone Cross Company in Hartland, VT where we found of all things an owl nesting box.

Here's the artisan, Ken Hamblin on the right with Dan, holding the nesting box we purchased made from old barn timbers.

There were many lovely things to choose from including stone crosses and stone bird baths none of which I captured in a photo.

I called the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences (VINS) which provided the specifications for the nesting box to find out more specifically where we need to mount it.  We'll need a tall ladder because it should be 20-30 feet from the ground, 150 feet away from our house, and amongst trees.  The box gets mounted on the side not the back to the tree so it appears to be in a branch coming out from the tree.  This will be quite an undertaking.  I know a neighbor with a tall ladder will be involved.  

I will post a follow-up of the mounting process when it happens.