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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Second Snow Day!

The bird feeders were filled again this morning, but it's not just birds eating the sunflower seeds.  Here's one of two does that visited at lunch time no less to eat the spilled seed.

I didn't realize that when I sprinkled the seed on the snow for ground feeding birds that I'd also be feeding the deer.

Here she is outside Dan's study window oblivious to him sitting there.

Somehow she sees me taking her picture from the great room.

She's had enough so she heads off.

I remember a time when it was unusual to see deer.  Even when we'd vacation in West Virginia when the daughters were young it was a special event to happen upon the deer feeding in the fields at dusk.  Now they're out and about at all times and are everywhere.

Post script: 12-21-13 Linking to Saturday's Critters.
Snow in these photos is disappearing fast as our temps are at 50ยบ and climbing.