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Thursday, April 20, 2023

A Wednesday Walk

 We gathered at a local restaurant parking lot and walked out and back on primarily a gravel road for 5 miles round trip.  I had walked a portion of this in December on a very frigid day. It was a nice walk, though a bit chilly and at one point we felt some sleet hit us.  

Here are the few photos I captured.

Ida and Noel with Denali, the dog are the usual pacesetters.

Here are  L to R: Noel, Sydell, Ida, Helen and Jeanne pausing at the rock which is the turn around point.

Pam and Rachel busy in conversation didn't hear me ask them to get in the photo.  There were three other walkers besides me, but they turned back at the half way there point I believe.  They were long gone when we returned to the cars.

The grass is the greenest thing right now but there is faint color in the trees, too.

I like the blue of this barn and falling down stone wall in front.  The farm looked vacant.

Next Wednesday I get my cast off and start therapy.  I see progress already. I'm able to use my fingers better for typing, though not my thumb. Anything over 1 lb is difficult to hold.