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Monday, July 21, 2014

Harvest Monday - Mid July

Here's what's come out of my vegetable garden this past week.

Lettuce and cucumbers on the 14th.

Basil, peppers, cucumbers and the first green beans on the 18th.

Cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes on the 20th.

Now I don't usually pick green tomatoes and I didn't pick these.  I had one tomato plant fall over.  It didn't have its own cage and I thought the cages on either side would be support enough but that wasn't what it wanted.  These 4 green tomatoes came off when I propped it back up and provided support.
The orange tomato wasn't supposed to be picked either, but when I felt it off it came into my hand.  I think it's a Juliette. Hard to know for sure because I planted the Juliette between two paste variety tomatoes and they are looking the same as the Juliette. I don't think it's fully ripe.  There are others that color that I didn't make the mistake of touching.