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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Snow Day

 Tuesday, February 2nd was a snow day or snow event is a better description.  Snow started after dark on Monday and continued all through Tuesday, ending at dusk.  We got more than a foot of snow.

I had intended get out in it yesterday to help with the shoveling but other needs took precedence: buying a new dishwasher! I was successful in that endeavor after researching on Consumer Reports and then looking through the local appliance store website.  I had to call then and speak to a salesman telling him my top three choices.  He called back later to tell me none available, but one very much like those, but more costly, was.  I took it.  Pandemic has put a premium of the availability of most appliances.  Dishwashers included.  It will be delivered on the 20th and installed.  Meantime we are wishing dishes by hand as the 20 year old dishwasher that was here is leaking on the floor.  From the looks of the tile it's been doing it for awhile and we just didn't notice when we did inspection.

But I digressed on this post about the snow. I got out today to take photos.  It is so lovely out there. There is little wind so all the snow accumulated on the branches is still hanging there.  As I write this I see that the wind is now picking up a bit so it may be coming down soon.

Here are some photos.

Now here was a bit of a mystery.  Two holes in the snow.

There were little tracks coming from the one below.  What animal burrows through the snow?

These are my tracks.

Only a bit of snow is still hanging on the roof.  Most of it came sliding off yesterday.
By the way, where I sit to write these posts is that window straight ahead.  My view is of the barn.

At the back slider there was quite a mountain of snow that had come down off roof.  Dan shoveled it on to  the steps to the deck.

One last view of the barn.  Can you tell I like taking photos of it?