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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Another Snow Shoe Walk

 Bitter cold weather and then a snow storm is coming our way this weekend. That means staying inside out of the cold.  Knowing that I put on my snow shoes Friday morning and headed out for a walk in the field to the woods beyond. I wasn't the only creature walking in this expanse in the last few days.  There were animal tracks all over the place but with the lighting I couldn't manage a photo of them.  Here is what I did capture.

The bridge goes over this small stream which surprisingly wasn't frozen solid.

The bridge connects this forest blueberry patch to the field. These are old, old blueberry bushes.

When I picked blueberries last summer I never even ventured across the bridge to pick.  There were too many on the bushes in the field.

The woods are quiet.

Looking back at the field the other blueberry bushes are to the left.

A better photo of my snow shoe.

Spotted this color in the snow - a young pine tree.

I started to take more photos but my battery was done.  I look forward to more walks in new snow next week.