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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Walk Around the Yard on This Fall Afternoon

Very little is blooming in the perennial garden.  A lone clematis is a surprise on this fall day.  Most of the rest of the vine is entering dormancy.

The chrysanthemums are slow to bloom and even now are so tiny.

The Knock Out rose has had a good year and is lovely still against the stone wall.

Volunteer pansies have been tucked into the miniature garden pail and geraniums have a burst of final blooms.

I have nursed these annuals along all summer and now one has decided to finally bloom.

These pots will soon have to be moved into the vestibule for the winter.

Last year the sedum wintered over on the deck but then it was a mild winter.  It too needs to go to the vestibule.  The hanging asters add color.

Browns, yellows and reds are taking precedence in the trees.

Autumn joy has deepened it shade.

One or two stella d'oro have last minute blooms.

These trees will soon be golden and then bare.  Another autumn is upon us.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sun Dappled Web

No sign of the spider that spun this masterpiece.

Something big flew through and created quite a hole.  Maybe a hummingbird?

This photo was taken Sunday morning and by Monday mid day the web was in shreds.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Favorite - Autumn Joy

If there's one flower I can count on this time of year it is the Autumn Joy sedum.  The original plants were gifts from another gardener and now besides the original stand here in the front garden,

they are also here

and here

and here

in the perennial garden.

The flower is such a lovely shade for this season, a break from the golds and yellows.

It is a favorite worth mentioning on this Friday.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Festival - Gaithersburg, Maryland

Last weekend we attended a fall festival in Catonsville, Md but did not get to take in the whole thing because my mom whose 93 wasn't up to all the walking involved.  We had a good time anyway so decided to see what festivals were happening this past weekend and discovered the 31st Annual Olde Towne Gaithersburg Fair.

The railroad cuts right through the center of the town of Gaithersburg with an at grade crossing.  It's a popular spot to catch the MARC trains to Washington, DC.  While we were there three freight trains came through blowing their whistles.  There's a railroad museum and old trains to look through.

The festival was very kid oriented.

There were an assortment of food trucks and we enjoyed BBQ from this one.

Several stages had bands or dancers performing.  I'm not sure what Latin American country these were from but they were very energetic.

Armed Forces were recruiting.

Lots of children were walking around with balloon animals thanks to this gentleman hard at work here.

A Sunday for towns folk to get out and mingle and that's what they were doing in Gaithersburg.