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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween 2021

Our first Halloween in this house.
We have not had trick or treaters since we lived in our house in Columbia, MD.  We moved from there in June 2003 to an apartment while we built a house, The Lodge, in the woods in Baltimore County.

We never had trick or treaters at the Lodge nor at Vantage House, the retirement community, once we moved there in 2016.

This fall I purchased three pumpkins to carve - one for each granddaughter.  They drew faces on paper for me to follow.

Below is granddaughter #1's.

Granddaughter #2's,

Granddaughter #3's (who will be trick or treating in Buffalo).

I'm told there will be lots of children coming by as where we live has the highest concentration of houses. The local school even collects candy that is then distributed to those who will be answering their doors tonight between 5 & 7pm.  We bought two extra large bags just in case.

We also signed up to be a Teal Pumpkin house, distributing non-food treats.  The PTO provided that too!

I think we're ready to welcome trick or treaters for the first time in 19 years!