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Monday, April 30, 2012

Harvest Monday and Other Stuff

This is the only picture I have to show for the last week of harvesting from my vegetable garden.  This lovely baby bok choy went into a stir fry which we enjoy very much around here.  There should have been other photos taken of the spinach salad Sarah made with strawberries & walnuts.  Or my lunch today which was a salad of mesclun and freckled romaine.  Or the tossed salad last week.  None of those had their picture taken but the harvest of greens from the garden is in full swing now.  No need to purchase lettuce from the store or bok choy for that matter. 

As to the other stuff my gardening time is taken up with mulching.  The 5 cubic yards of mulch is slowly diminishing.  This afternoon I weeded and mulched around the pond.  Wednesday I will hope to complete the glen garden.  Whatever mulch remains in the pile will go to refreshing the new beds that were mulched last fall.

And finally on to sightings.  Last week it was the hummingbird tapping on my window though I haven't seen him since.  I know he was eating bugs but he is risking getting stuck.  Each summer there are several occasions when we find hummingbirds with their beaks stuck in our screens.  I gentle tap releases them but I always wonder how long they've been there.

This morning at the bird feeder was the rosy grosbeak.  I attempted a photo but he was gone too soon.  The towhee and his partner are frequent visitors under the hostas.  No sign of the phobe yet this spring.  Of course the regular year round residents are happy that I keep the suet feeder and sunflower feeders full.

A four legged sighting reported to us by our neighbor is an eastern coyote.  Apparently it looks like a fox with a longer tail and longer legs.  We haven't seen it yet here on our hill but it won't be long.  I'd be glad for it to come get the bunny which has started eating the creeping phlox again. Those plants should be so much bigger but the bunny keeps them pruned too close.

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