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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Look What I Made


One Monday Emily gave me a lesson in wreath making.  It was totally different than how I'd made wreaths before.  You make little bundles of layered greens about the size of your hand or larger and then wire them to the frame, laying one bundle overlapping the previous one.  The ribbon bow I knew how to make.  

Didn't I do well for the first time? The wreath frame was 24 inches but it was the only one left at Joanns.  But as it turns out it will be perfect size.

Here's the big news!  This wreath will hang outside our new house come December 4th!

Yes, we found a house that meets our needs.  We now will be stewards of history caring for a house built in 1839.  I don't know the backstory of who built this house but intend to find out someday.