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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Summer Reruns - 6

This is the last of the summer reruns. By now I am back from three trips: Buffalo to visit daughter and family in their new environs, Oneida Lake vacation with both daughters and families, and a mission trip with church to Lumberton, NC.  Watch for new posts on these trips in the weeks ahead.

From an early post in my blogging life, here is one from July 2010 about the perennial garden at our house.

... is shaped like a compass rose. Here is how each triangle looks at this point in the summer.

Lilies are closer each day to blooming.

I started with three of these geraniums but am down to one.

Phlox is blooming well.

Newest day lily bloom, but not many scapes there for future blooms.

Purple cone flower.

Now the following photos may have appeared in blog but I can't find that one.  I wanted to show what the perennial garden looked like before we sold our house.  These photos date to 2014 or 2015.  I can't recall when I added the stone in the pathways.