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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The More I Hear the More I'm Impressed

So Pete Buttigieg, Democratic candidate for President has made the 65,000 threshold to be on the stage at the debates. You may have already read that if you were one of his donors as I was.

He was on MSNBC today and I just listened to the interview on uTube. 

He is really impressing me more each time I hear him answer.

Take a listen here and here.

Read these comments on the 1A website that Nan directed me to in her comment below.
I live in South Bend. Mayor Pete has positively changed our city for the better by refusing to let us be defined by our past and including our voices in our joint vision of the future. We had empty storefronts where signs were posted asking us to suggest what we would like to see. Citizen input, hand in hand with his government, has shaped our focus on utilizing our massive park system as a draw to the community. He made himself available regularly to talk and especially, to listen. He has vision, intelligence and guts.

He is an excellent mayor and, although I support his presidential bid, I am also very sad to see him leave South Bend, my hometown. But I think we have always known that Peter is too good to keep to ourselves...