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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Future Posts

As you know we went on a Rhine Cruise at the end of March returning home April 5th.  I've posted on several of the events of that trip.  

Last night we returned from a week of travels north to New Hampshire to visit daughter Emily and her husband and our two granddaughters.  The pull was the oldest was dancing in her first ballet recital at age 4 as a mouse.

On our way we stopped over in Auburn, NY and on the way home in Stockbridge, MA.

Here are some future posts to look for:

From the cruise: Visit to Speyer, Germany; Strasbourg, France; Riquewihr, France.
After the cruise our visit in Basel and Lucerne, Switzerland.

From the trip to New England: Willard Chapel, Seward House, Norman Rockwell Museum.

Right now its a gorgeous spring day here, and I must get out and enjoy it.

But here's a tidbit to share - a shop window I spotted in Rudesheim.  Don't you love those lamps?