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Friday, March 10, 2023

A Change of Wheels in the Offing

 This car is history for us.

Wednesday we drove to a Hyundai dealer in Keene to check out a hybrid that Dan and I had researched.  We'd been talking about when we would replace the 11 year old Mazda CX 9 and had thought we'd wait until the fall.  However a small oil leak of differential fluid from the back axel (I hope I wrote that correctly) and what it would cost to repair it made us think again. 

The Mazda has served us well - it's been like a truck.  Heavens, we even picked up several hundred pounds of solar panels and carted them home to be installed for us on our neighbor's studio.  It's just that it has been a gas guzzler and it was time to return to a hybrid.  We'd had a Prius as our second car for many years.  No more need for a second car so we had sold it before we ever considering moving to NH.

As luck would have it the Hyundai Tucson worked for Dan's long legs. It's a small SUV compared to the Mazda. It drove and rode really well plus the safety features are so much more refined than what we had in the Mazda. The only Tucson they had on the lot was a gas engine. They had 5 hybrids on the way and though they had been all spoken for when ordered, one of them was now available because financing fell through. It didn't take us long to say we'd take it.  Delivery should be at the end of this month of in early April.  The Mazda will be traded in to the dealer in Keene.

The above car is not the color we're getting.  We had no choice of that.  When it arrives I will share a photo.