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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Shot and Side Effect

 Though Dan and I had appointments on the same day to have the Covid vaccination they were at different times.  I tagged along to his 9:40 am appointment just in case they would give me the shot then instead of having to return at 1:50 pm. The location is a half an hour from our home. 

I lucked out as we expected.  They were more than willing to take two in a car.  The place is very busy and traffic into the armory backs up into the road so we both were vaccinated yesterday morning.

Now one side effect for us happened in the first 15 minutes.  We drove to the parking area with every other spot marked with a cone to do our wait.  After 15 minutes, the side effect hit: the car wouldn't start!  Battery was dead!

There was a guardsman talking to the next car over and I opened my door since the window wouldn't go down and he looked over at me and said "I heard it," and laughed.

Dan had cables that he didn't know he had. Another guardsman drove up the forklift into the space next to us and the jump was made. Apparently this is not an unusual occurrence for the vaccination site - dead batteries and even cars running out of gas as they wait in line.

From the armory we were going to go grocery shopping.  We went to buy a battery instead since this one was over 4 years old.  Jiffy Lube had not a car in any of their four bays, and yes they had batteries and install them. We were in and out in under 15 minutes.

As to real side effects? I took ibuprofen when I got home but it hasn't stopped my arm from being sore. Dan isn't feeling anything. He was sore to begin with from the day before when he was cleaning out the barn and moving all the old shutters, windows, and doors into one room for further examination.  He also cleaned out all the old squirrel nests built from scavenged insulation.