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Tuesday, June 8, 2021


 We are experiencing a heat wave here in New Hampshire. We have no AC in this old house so we have to be judicious in how we keep the heat out.  Windows are closed during the day and shades are drawn to keep the hot sunlight out.  We open up in the evening and pull the cooler air in with fans.

Gardening in the heat is no fun so this morning I woke after 5 am and was out in the garden by 6 am. I needed to do three things: weed, edge and mulch. Got all those done by 8 am. No photos taken but here is what's blooming now (photos taken yesterday).

I potted this fern which was growing next to the foundation and it's thriving.

This bed is one I weeded and mulched.  This is a before photo.

This bed was weeded, edged and mulched today.  I don't know what the leaf spikes are.  Must wait for blooms.

This flowering shrub or tree is in a mass of bushes that are awaiting the tree/landscape company.  Another contractor that we have a signed contract with but who refuses to respond to voicemail or email to let us know where we are in their queue.  They told us in April they would be here when the hemlocks budded out.  That has happened almost a month ago now.

Anyone recognize the bush?

Another unknown tree?

There is a rose bush among these two kinds of fern.  Not excited about having these here.

A view of the field behind us.  It was hayed last week and yesterday the hay was bailed and hauled out.