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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Time for Jennifer Rubin

The Washington Post

April 11, 2024

by Jennifer Rubin 

Friday, April 12, 2024

News for Here

 House projects continue despite Dan saying "This is the last one".

1. New storm door ordered for side door.  Storm door there is original to house and the latch has always been a problem.  Instead of pushing down the handle you have to pull up.  And it doesn't close all the way sometimes.  We love the one we got for the front door so we ordered the same for side door.

2. Electrical upgrade.  One day the gas stove or the gas water heater will give out and have to be replaced.  Same with the oil furnace which we'd want to switch to a heat pump one day. We want to be able to replace with electric so this requires more electricity capability in our house. And since electricians are hard to find and schedule when you can get one to come, let them come.  We got a local electrician to put us on her schedule and she was here for three days starting Tuesday to upgrade the system.  For the stove and water heater there are new sockets ready and waiting for when we need them.  There is enough power to be able to plug in a car one day in the barn/garage.  Last step is for the utility company to come to run the wires to the house.

3. New cell phones. We have managed to live with cellphones that had no data. We've taken the leap to get iPhone 14s with data from AT&T. We go this morning to sign up.  Tried to do this on Wednesday but we forgot we had our freeze on our credit with the three credit bureaus.  It's likely we won't get to keep our current numbers so there's the hassle of notifying everyone to the new numbers.

4. Painting projects.  Next week it's supposed to be warm enough for me to paint the new front door and trim.  Dan has refurbished the side door porch and plans to paint it to match the door colors.  Wood may not be dry enough next week to paint since we have been having torrential rain today which is continuing all weekend.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The Day After

 My attempts at capturing eclipse photos were a bust.

I thought putting out a colander would result in crescents as the moon covered the sun.

It didn't happen for me.  Daughter Sarah thought that the light cloud cover we were having may have played a role in foiling that effort.

It did get dark, but since we didn't have full totality, it was not the dark that Emily and family experienced in Quebec where they went for a mini vacation and eclipse watch.

First bust was trying capture the darkening. There are time stamps on these four photos but I don't see much difference in the light starting at 2:09 and ending at 3:26.

But it did darken!

The other bust was this colander. No crescents!

I did take this photo without looking but because even though the moon covered more than half the sun at this point it appears as a round ball.

So here are other photos.

First, son in law's set up for viewing in Quebec.

At totality

In Buffalo son in law outside with granddaughter #3 & #4 at totality.  They had cloud cover but darkness still fell.

Granddaughter #3 made eclipse cookies.

So here are some scenes from the cabin rental in Quebec.

First they had to hike a mile to the cabin with their stuff!  Maple the dog got to go on this trip.  Of course with the big snow storm Wed-Fri there was snow!

The cabin has a climbing wall!
Granddaughter #1 is demonstrating.

It also has a hamster wheel to help generate electricity. 
Granddaughter #2 demonstrates.

And sunrise from the deck this morning.

Monday, April 8, 2024

A Blue Sky Day for ...


Looking southwest.

Looking southeast.

We got back from a trip to Buffalo last evening.  Even though Buffalo is supposed to have full totality, we had to get home for other commitments.  On our drive there (we left Wednesday) and back, all the electronic road signs said "Arrive Early, Stay late, Eclipse Monday, April 8th".  It's a big deal for NY State.

Here in New Hampshire we should have 93% totality.  

I plan to take photos of the action using my colander.  We have eclipse glasses to use too but won't attempt any photos directly of the eclipse.

As you may have noticed in my photos we got more snow!  We missed that 12" dump by going to Buffalo where we had rain.  Fortunately warm weather followed the storm and most of it has disappeared.

What's happening where you are?