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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lights for Liberty Vigil

The Lights for Liberty Vigil was held here in Columbia, MD at the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center.

We gathered in the Catholic sanctuary there.  Later I learned that the crowd filled other sanctuaries there as well.

After singing, speeches, prayers for immigrants we processed outside to light candles and stand vigil.

Here's Rebecca who came with me.

It was a moving evening.  Glad to see so many like minded people concerned for the treatment of  immigrants.

I was disappointed to not see any media coverage of our event but googling Lights for Liberty showed it was covered well in other places.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lights for Liberty

Just spreading the word about this vigil taking place nationwide.

Look for one in your community.

Monday, July 8, 2019

From the Files - 15

This is an occasional posting to savor the moments from past travels.

Scotland September 2017

Ancient history fascinates me.  When we traveled in Scotland I was drawn to visit the ancient monuments.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


I returned from my trip to Buffalo, NY yesterday.  Saturday I traveled there by car with daughter and granddaughter. Son in law had traveled there on Thursday.  My job was to help with the move and provide child care.

Granddaughter ready to go.  She was good for the 9 hours it took us.

She loved the new playground near her home.

This morning I went to my little raised bed plot here at Vantage House and harvested basil.

I found a You Tube video on how to make it in a Nutribullet since we no longer have a food processor or a blender. Can't find that link now though.

6 cups of washed leaves

Olive oil.  Recipe said 3/4 cup I had to use more to keep the NutriBullet going.

4 cloves garlic

Parmesan cheese.  I used more than the 3/4 cup by stirring in more at the end that I didn't process.

Pecans.  Didn't measure but I think the recipe said 1/2 cups.

Here is one container before a layer of olive oil to preserve it.

Here's the other container with coating of olive oil.

I'll find uses for it for lunch or pasta side dish.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Butterflies at Brookside

My trip last week to Brookside Gardens included a visit to the Butterfly Conservatory.

Here's our bus off loading.

Our first garden sighting.

Then on to the butterflies.
Immediately upon entering one landed on my sleeve.

Scattered throughout were these trays of rotting bananas.

The two butterflies above had interesting "eyes" on their wings - a deterrent for predators.  Inside the wings were blue. I chased these around to try to get the inside shot.  Then gave up for a time and enjoyed the other varieties.

 Friend Sue had one land on her hat.

Back to chasing the elusive butterfly that wouldn't show the inside of its wings.  Below you get a hint of the blue.

But I was patient and it opened to show me.

Worth the wait.

Such fascinating delicate creatures.

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