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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Mashed Potato Question

 As Thanksgiving approaches one of the mainstays of that celebration meal is mashed potatoes at least on our table.  How about yours?

photo courtesy of Valley News.

But here's the real question: do you peel or leave unpeeled?

Mental Floss has an article today about how to peel potatoes after cooking them.  Read here.  It's interesting and very much like what you have to do with beets but it means the potatoes are then cooled down.

photo courtesy of Mental Floss

In my mind the skins are just as tasty as the flesh of the potato.  I never peel them anymore and mash them skins and all.  I usually use Yukon Gold or other yellow potatoes for mashed potatoes.  

Another article I read today, here. goes into lots of detail about starch content and such that insures the fluffiest or smoothest mashed potato.  I will stick to my Yukon Golds, leave a bit of the water in the bottom of the pan, add some milk, butter and salt and mash with my potato masher.  Never fails to make great mashed potatoes for my dining table.

So what do you use: peeled or unpeeled? Kind of potato? How do you mash?  What do you add?