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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Wednesday's Walk

 Snow on the ground.  Gray sky. Temperatures in the low 20ºs, though could have been colder than that. Everyone dressed warmly some even remembering their Yak Trax (I didn't).

I was in charge of picking the place and I selected Skyline Drive which Dan and I had walked in the fall at the recommendation of daughter, Emily. To my surprise none of these women who have been walking as a group for 13 + years had ever heard of this old road. 

We gathered at the old store next door to carpool there because there is limited parking.  Three cars went with me taking 5 passengers.  I had to put up one of the third row seats! One car had only the driver as she was going on from there to grocery shop in Claremont and the other car had two walkers and a dog, Denali.

Getting ready to start.

The road is maintained by the township only for a short way.  There is one residence past that point and then it was fresh snow.

Above looking back at those behind me.  Below the fast pacers ahead of me.

There was ice under the snow in patches and once I slipped and went down.  No damage done.

An old stone wall with caps of snow.

Our return trip a bit more slippery since we were walking in our own footprints.

Here's the old remains of a gate with cellar hole behind.

Below how it looked in the Fall.

One person commented that the only thing missing about this hike was a blue sky.  Plans were made to return here to snowshoe at the end of the month.  I know I'll suggest it for other seasons of the year. 

It was nice to acquaint the group with some place new.