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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Georgetown University Commencement

The graduate school at Georgetown had its commencement Friday morning.  Daughter Sarah was there to receive her Masters degree in Asian Studies.  We were there to cheer her accomplishment.

It was a beautiful morning.  Clock chimed 9 and commencement started on time.

 Planes flew over periodically north to south headed to Reagan National Airport.  We expected they would drone out the speakers but that wasn't the case.

Assembled professors on the dais and graduates in front.

Georgetown was founded by one of the Carrolls of Maryland who was a Jesuit priest.

The scene around as we sat.

The second part of the commencement featured only the School of Foreign Service and lucky for us it was at the same location.  Other schools exited and went elsewhere to have their names read.

Here's Sarah just before her name was read.

Here she is with two friends.

And here she is with William, her husband of 4 months.

Here we all are (except for son-in-law Matt who'd didn't make the trip).  Granddaughter A (face hidden) in Emily's arms.