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Friday, February 26, 2016

Signs of Spring 2016

I took a walk to the bottom of the driveway on Thursday morning.  

There are signs that Spring is coming!

Down at the bottom of the driveway the snow is melting more slowly but green is appearing where daffodils are pushing up.

The wetlands doesn't get much sun but the snow is retreating there.

Looking from the bottom of the driveway across the wetlands the driveway going up the hill is clear of snow.

The moss and grass are greening.

The ferns stand out in contrast to the drab brown of the earth.

Something is there along the edge of the creek.

First signs of the skunk cabbage.

Here's the same creek looking east as it enters the wetlands.

The woods are filled with young beech trees.  
These trees hold their old leaves until the new ones start appearing.

When the pale beige beech leaves start floating through the air, spring will be here.