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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Spring Signs

 We returned from a nice visit to family in Buffalo.  We got there last Thursday and the temperatures were in the 80s.  We were not dressed for such weather.  Spring had definitely arrived there.

Upon our return noticed these signs of spring here.

Now of course come Thursday evening this could all be covered with snow!  We have a winter storm watch in our forecast!

Thanks for all your comments on the wooden snow shovel.  Still haven't decided what to do with it,  Dan wants to give it away.  He asked today if I wanted to put it on the side of the road as we set out the parts to a cedar Adirondack chair. They'd been left in the barn (of course) but after closer examination this afternoon we realized it's a woodworking project that was never completed and looks like parts are missing or have not been cut out.  We'll see how long before it disappears as other items have.