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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Auction Begins

Our move to Vantage House is getting closer.  In order for that to happen we have to jettison a lot of stuff.  We’ve contracted with, a cross between ebay and Craigs list to do this for us.  The chore for us was to put things into lots of similar things. That has been done, the photos taken and cataloged and now the auction has started.  It will run through next Thursday.

The auction can be accessed at, then enter zip code 21244 and look for the Windsor Mill, MD auction.  All the details for bidding and pick up here on the 14th are there.

Please spread the word to family, co workers, neighbors or anyone who you think may be interested.  You may even put it on FaceBook if you like.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here are some highlights:

Items painted by my Mom.

a bench

a dish

a tray

Glass blown by Dan.

Paintings by Dan.

Amish collectibles.

And much much more.