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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Wednesday Walk

 The walking group went a bit farther afield on the 5th last week. We drove south to walk around Kezar Lake in Sutton, NH.  It was a very gray day though the rain held off for us. The walk was mostly level and took us almost 3 miles and an hour and a quarter to walk.

This is definitely a summer spot.  Lots of big vacation homes.

And an inn. 

The six who took the walk went on from here to New London to lunch but first choice was closed, and second choice had too long a line. Three of us who had carpooled found another spot that was not crowded and enjoyed ourselves.  From there we went to see a bog and were glad we did.

The ground cover was brilliant and we did spot cranberries.

And these were a surprise: pitcher plants.

It was a grand day.

Today I'm in charge of choosing the walk.  More on that another time.