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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Artist in the House

My husband, Dan is taking another oil painting class; one of many he has taken over the past couple of years.  The current assignment has brought him into the house from his shop/studio to paint a living space.  He chose the front hall as viewed from the great room.

Charcoal sketch

Scene he's painting.

He sets the painting in process on the mantle to view it from afar.

Here it is next to class work.

Here it is next to his last homework assignment.

His set up in the great room and below at work.

He's not the only artist in the family.  His painting will include this painting below by daughter, Sarah for her oil painting class final 5 or more years ago.  

It hangs in the front hall.  I think of it as "on loan" since once she is married in December and has the wall space, she may want it back.

My mother was also an artist and this painting of the lake at Blackwater Falls State Park, WV hangs in the front hall too.  Dan has it in his painting as well.

Daughter, Emily is also an artist.

Now she works with fabric to create her art. This hangs in my study so it won't factor into Dan's painting.

Dan has completed the value study for his homework.  Next step on Saturday will be to start the actual colors.