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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eggplant Bella

I made up a recipe last night for dinner and of course didn't think of taking any photos to share.  Despite that it turned out so delicious that I thought I'd share it anyway and let others who try it post the photos.

The inspiration for this was three Chinese eggplants from the Harbin farm stand, not in Harbin, China where Sarah once lived and worked, but a local market.  I'd purchased a package of small portabella mushrooms (Bella) at the grocery store that I wanted to use and  I knew I wanted a meatless meal.  I had my own tomatoes for sauce and some wonderful whole grain angel hair pasta.

I heated olive oil in my large skillet and then using the mandolin thinly sliced the three eggplants into the oil.  I added two large cloves of garlic, chopped and sautéed that to begin the eggplant cooking.  I then added half of a very large Vidalia onion and continued to saute.  I had to add more olive oil to keep that going.  Once it looked like the eggplants were fairly well cooked I added the box of mushrooms sliced up and sautéed more until the mushrooms softened.  I salt and peppered it all then tossed in some pitted Kalamata black olives that I halved.

The Eggplant Bella was ladled over the pasta and the sauce was added on top with a good grating of parmesan cheese.  Now I thought I had made lots and would have leftovers to freeze.  Well, Dan had three servings and Sarah took what was left and packaged it up for her lunch at work today.  Nothing was leftover!  It was that good.  Let me know if you try this and take some photos.

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