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Friday, November 24, 2017

DC on Thanksgiving Day!

We got up early on Thanksgiving morning to drive to Washington, DC for the Trot for Hunger to support SOME (So Others May Eat).  This was the 16th of these events and a tradition with my sister, Marie and her family.  This was our second time participating. 

It was a below freezing morning but with no wind.  We had lots of layers on in preparation for the walk.

First we had to find parking so we drove passed the gathering point at Freedom Plaza at 14th and Pennsylvania Ave and found a spot on Jefferson Drive almost across from the Washington Monument.

Walking across the Mall the Capitol was to the east. The sun was still low since it was barely 8:30.

We met up with my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew in front of Starbucks across from Freedom Plaza.  The Plaza was full of people.

We set off east along Pennsylvania in shadow from the buildings around us.  That tower is the old Post Office building now an infamous hotel that I can't bear to name.

Here are the crowds behind us.

Dan and I were walkers.  Marie was hobbling with a boot on her whole foot and calf.  She tore a tendon preparing to run this 5K.  She made it down to 3rd Street and then turned around to wait for her husband and kids who were running.  She said later that Scott passed her as she was walking back and apparently Meredith and Owen did too before she realized it.

We continued walking making the turn on 3rd street but then rather than going all the way to Independence we turned right on Jefferson walking parallel with Independence on our way back to our car.  It was about the same distance if we had continued on the race course and returned by Pennsylvania Ave.

We walked along the Mall with Smithsonian Museums on our right and left.
Above is Natural History and below is Air and Space.

One of the sculptures in the Hirshorn Sculpture Garden.

The Smithsonian Castle

And then another view of the Washington Monument.

We beat my sister to her home so I got the turkey out and started the prep.  We had light fare at midday to stave off our hunger pains: butternut squash soup and roasted sweet potatoes cubes with slices of sausages.

My daughter Sarah, her husband and our granddaughter arrived to join the feast which we sat down to shortly after 4 pm.

Marie sets a beautiful table.  Her daughter, Meredith and my Sarah (on right) are there putting out the kale salad that Sarah made.

We had a wonderful day!