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Friday, May 5, 2023

The View from Here


Spring is slowly showing the green.  We have had a week of rain showers so everything has been well watered.  But the temps have not gotten much above 50ยบ and some days not even to that.  With the moisture in the air and a wind, the chill factor felt like winter was still here.

A comment came yesterday from Irene, location unknown, asking for an update on our new car purchase.

The Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is doing very well for us.  I had a couple of chances to drive it before my hand surgery and with the cast now off have been driving to my therapy appointments.  It gets excellent gas mileage, has lots of safety features, great back up camera, and has a comfortable quiet ride.  Irene asked about driving in snow which we had a chance to do at the end of March.  There's a setting for snow driving even though I didn't know that at the time I drove in snow.  One marvelous feature is the remote parking.  We can drive the car into and out of our barn remotely. It's great for tight parking spaces where there's not enough room to open car doors.

We have no concerns about it being a hybrid.  We had a Prius hybrid years ago that we would have kept except Dan didn't fit well to drive it and we only needed one car so we kept the Mazda.  Dan fits even better in this car - more leg room he says.  We can each set the seat and the car remembers our settings.

So, Irene, we highly recommend this car. It is a very smart car!