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Monday, July 18, 2022

Our Covid Story

Here is our Covid story which doesn't have an ending yet.  

Dan is in a chorus that rehearses an hour and a half away from our home.  Fortunately he joined a carpool that meets a half hour from here.  The chorus had their first of five performances on Sunday a week ago. That Monday the director was exposed to Covid.  He took all the precautions and thought he was in the clear to direct their open rehearsal/concert on Thursday.  He even masked for that. Friday morning he came down with symptoms and tested positive!

Now the chorus is a rather elite group and some of the members are music directors as well.   There was a concert scheduled on Friday evening so the music directors in the group split up the 90 minute concert with one of them stepping up to conduct a most difficult and long selection. The concert went well.  I attended and was impressed.

Saturday the group traveled by carpools for 2 hours south and west of here for a concert. That one went well too.

Sunday afternoon was to be the last concert. That morning the pianist sent out an email that she had tested positive for Covid.  There was no way another pianist could step in to replace her. The concert was canceled.

Sunday evening, one of the members of Dan's carpool, that he had spent a total of 4 hours in the car on Saturday, with tested positive.  He had tested himself Sunday morning before going to work at his church and was negative.  Then symptoms set in and 12 hours later: positive.

So Dan has been exposed! Maybe from the director, maybe from the pianist, but definitely by his fellow carpooler.  We tested Dan last night at 8:00 pm and he was negative.  He had no symptoms then and none this morning. Yesterday he tried to sign up for a PCR test for this morning but with no symptoms he didn't meet the criteria.

As a precaution I slept in the guest room last night but is that going to make a difference to my exposure level? He could be contagious now before showing symptoms.  If he does test positive, what do I do? On one hand I feel like "Let me just get it over with." On the other hand despite being double boosted I worry "What if I get a severe case?"

As I said the story has no ending yet.  Dan thinks if he doesn't get symptoms by Thursday he's in the clear. I think we will need to continue to test him.

What would you do?