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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

World Bird Wednesday - Photos from BC

I am not a regular poster for World Bird Wednesday hosted by Pine River Review but I knew I had to do it when I came home with these photos from our trip to British Columbia in May.  We saw so much wildlife, but the bald eagle takes the cake for posing at dinner time no less on top of the building across from the restaurant where we were enjoying our meal in Prince Rupert, BC.

We were told of a place where you can see lots of bald eagles by the waitress after the male above flew away.  So we drove to the spot and spied this one sitting on the flag pole where he belongs.   I guess its really a light pole.
This heron was watching him too.

The loons below were caught on camera a Lake Beauvert in Jasper National Park.

 Okay so the rest of these aren't birds but they were fun to photograph.
Seal in the harbor at Prince Rupert, BC.
Moose on the roadside in BC.
Elk shedding in Jasper National Park.  It was calving season.
Big horn sheep in Jasper.
Elk in Jasper.
Black bear on the road from Maligne Lake in Jasper.
Grizzly on the roadside in BC.

Big horn sheep on the road from Miette Hotsprings, Jasper.