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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sculpture Garden

Last Fall I ordered  a "Humongous Hosta Mix" for Fedco Seeds. The description said they would choose six of the biggest hostas they could get their hands on.  Total cost + $34.50.  A good deal!

The shipment arrived in late April, I potted them in potting soil temporarily and last Friday I planted them in the Sculpture Garden bed below.  See the holes. The black mound in the front is a pile of compost which I added to each hole. The collapsed inukshuk sculpture is still there too.  I did get landscape adhesive to put it back together.

All the hosta plants looked healthy but this one was already putting out leaves. It's Olive Bailey.  Eventually it will reach 30" tall and 60" wide.

Photo below from the internet.

Here are the other varieties I received.  Again photos from the internet.

Blue Umbrella 

32" tall 48" wide

Snake Eyes
30" tall 48" wide

30" tall 80" wide

Earth Angel

30" tall 40-60" wide

Guardian Angel
30" tall 40" wide

I also got three of this variety which I planted closer to the front of the beds.

Velvet Moon
24" tall and 36" wide.
I may have planted them a little too close but there is room to space them out once they mature.

Here's a volunteer I found near my compost bin.  Turns out its black cohosh also a shade loving plant.  I put it into the bed too.

Temperatures warmed on Monday and will continue to climb all week into the 80ºs.  time to purchase some annuals to fill some pots and bare bed spaces.