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Monday, December 13, 2021

Gingerbread Houses

 Our local library offered  "gingerbread" kits - just sign up.  The gingerbread is really graham cracker but with the directions it works fine.  I ordered three kits: for me, and two granddaughters.


The mortar is royal icing: eggwhites, lemon and confectionary sugar. Fortunately keeping it in a sealed container meant I only had to make one batch for the three of us. It hardens in the air.

I did mine first to get a hang of what was required then invited granddaughters to come over one at a time.  #2 came first on Wednesday afternoon and #1 on Thursday afternoon.

Here are our creations.


Granddaughter #2 at work.

Granddaughter #1,

Notice the icing on her fingers?  She couldn't help herself and said it was delicious.

All three houses reside at my house for now - part of the Christmas decorations.