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Monday, March 21, 2022

Successes with Instant Pot

 For those of you wondering what I've been making in the Instant Pot I got recently here goes.

One day I used the slow cook to make Hoisin Boneless Pork Ribs. This was an adapted recipe from my cookbook.  Nice feature of the Instant Pot is you can saute ingredients like onions and garlic then switch over to slow cook feature.

I started with one onion

Added garlic and ginger.

Recipe I was adapting called for Five Spice powder and hoisin sauce.

I used one pound of country style boneless pork ribs.

Dipped the pork into the sauce that was created from saute setting and then set the pot to slow cook for 5 hours.

Here are my notes on what I did so I'll remember next time.

Forgot to take a plated photo but here are the leftovers which I froze for another meal.

When I was in Buffalo I used my daughter's pot to make a variation of this dish.

And made this dish too.

Since coming home I've made this:

I used the pressure cooking setting and it was fast.

And this though since I had no green beans I used canned black beans.  This also was using pressure cooking setting.  It called for tumeric which I didn't have so I sent Dan to Emily's to borrow some.

I like to make notes in my cookbooks to help me remember if we liked the dish or not.  As you can see Dan did like this one.  It did make a lot! And even after having it for lunch one day I froze the rest.

I heartedly recommend getting the cookbook I'm using. For those who commented that they knew family members who had one but hadn't used it, get the cookbook for them.