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Monday, January 30, 2017

Vicksburg, MS

The topography of Vicksburg surprised us after we had driven for so many miles through the flat terrain of the Mississippi Delta region.  Vicksburg sits high on a bluff looking out over the river which is what made it so difficult for Grant to capture the city during the Civil War.

We arrived in Vicksburg on Saturday afternoon.  There had been an ice storm the previous day so some of the steepest streets were closed.  Walking on the sidewalks was tricky too. The Main Street in town looked like something out of a movie lot from old Western days.  Not much traffic for a Saturday.

 It was too early to check in to the Baer House Bed and Breakfast so we went to the Biedenharn Museum on Coca-Cola.

I'll do another post on that fascinating bit of history.

We considered going to the Old Court House but it was locked up tight early.  Probably because of the ice.

We checked into Baer House and like the night before were the only guests.

This Bed and Breakfast was more like an inn than our previous nights' stay at Magnolia Grove.

The house was built in the 1890s for a wealthy merchant.  It went through several owners including a law practice before being restored as a Bed and Breakfast.

Sunday morning dawned bright and cold so before leaving Vicksburg for points south we spent the morning at the Vicksburg National Military Park taking the driving tour using our cell phone for the narration.  We had tried to do this on Saturday but the roads were closed due to the ice.  There were still ice patches but not a problem for us.

Like Gettysburg and other battlefields the place is filled with memorials.

I'll share more in another post.
We came upon this tent structure and were pleased to discover the S.S. Cario Memorial.

It was an iron clad!

More on the Cairo in the future.

A view of the Mississippi from the battlefield.

Our next stop over was Baton Rouge, Louisiana but before I post on that I promise to share more about the places in Vicksburg.