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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pond

It was a hot, humid day today and I was out working in it, too. Came in dripping with sweat but glad I'd spent the time out there. The pond is getting very overgrown but it's not something I can tame very much. Eventually the cat tails and irises will take over completely. Today I trimmed back some of the irises so I can see the water and so the seed pods do not fill the pond with seeds. I weeded as best I could since I was at the limits of my capacity in the heat by that point. It looks a lot better and I got the fountain going. The biggest surprise was seeing two gold fish. The heron didn't get them all.

My Joe Pye weed is the tallest its ever gotten. I keep finding new plants and transplanting them below the pond along the edge of the glen, but I don't think the conditions are wet enough there.

Water hyacinth is in bloom.

These grasses are loving this spot.

The bishop's weed ground cover (gout weed) under the day lilies gets munched on by the ground hog so it isn't an invasive as it is for other people.

I have two colors of stella d'oro lilies on the hillside next to the pond.

Another view of the pond and all the different green textures.