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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Venturing to Vermont

 Last weekend we had lunch out in Vermont.  Being on the western edge of New Hampshire we are right next door to Vermont.  Recently we learned that the two states are referred to as the Twin States but as a realtor told us the feel of the states is very different.  As far as we're concerned the look of the states is very similar: rural and full of mountains and valleys and white churches.

The reason for lunch was at the suggestion of daughter Emily.  She sent us a link to her local newsletter that said a BBQ favorite of the Cornish Fair, that didn't happen this year, is parked on the Tunbridge, VT fairgrounds through the end of October.  Open weekends!  We really like BBQ so we went to investigate the English BBQ.

English because the proprietors are English.  Their BBQ is pure American.

They are the only thing happening at the fairground!

I had a BBQ sundae.  Baked beans, potatoes, BBQ pork and BBQ sauce.  It was delicious. The pink background is the picnic table.

After lunch we moseyed home stopping at some historical markers.  This first one was buried in the trees..

Across the street was the war memorial.

Here's the meadow referred to in the historical marker.

This marker was on the main road so we took a left to drive back to the birthplace.

Definitely some money was spent to mark this spot.

Tree colors are changing each day. The green of the trees above are now likely yellows, oranges and reds a week later.  Here are some trees yesterday.

I'd love to share the view from my window but photos through the screen can't capture the array of color.