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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hurricane Irene came through here one week ago and one week ago we lost power.

We still have no power and despite having a generator running from our buried propane tanks we have been roughing it. The generator powers the well, hot water, freezer, refrigerator, cable/internet, some lights and the stove top. We have no laundry so its now two weeks of dirty clothes. No oven or microwave so I'm learning to use only the stovetop. No dishwasher. No overhead lights in the great room. No lights in the powder room or guest bathroom.

We turn the generator off at 10 pm and back on at 6 am. That's tricky at that time of night but a headlamp helps. The refrigerator temperature climbs during the night and especially so when I don't quite get the door closed. Yes, that happened last night and the milk soured and I don't know what else went bad. I quickly put the meat into the freezer and I'm hoping for miracles there.

Our power company said everyone would be restored on Friday by 11:30 pm though there would be some scattered outages continued until Saturday. Well, we are the continued outage along with several thousand others. Now they say Saturday evening. We'll see about that.

Totally frustrated at this point.