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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Westminster Burying Ground

I recently read about this cemetery in Wicked Baltimore - Charm City Sin & Scandal by Lauren Silberman and was fascinated by its description as the burying spot for Edgar Allan Poe and other famous Maryland notables.  It was also a source of cadavers stolen in the dark of night for the medical students at the University of Maryland Medical School that was next door.

Dan and I took a Sunday afternoon to go exploring to find the cemetery at the corner of Fayette and Green Streets in downtown Baltimore.  The church is no longer an active congregation, but the buildings are used for various purposes including a lunch time film series.  It's an interesting spot and worth the visit.


 The original entrance.

The church was built up over graves to create a catacombs of sorts.

Among the headstones you can read of the old ones, there is such tragedy of young lives lost.

A wide assortment of graves, crypts and vaults.

Edgar Allan Poe was originally buried next to his grandfather (upper right) but then moved to another spot in the cemetery with a much larger marker.

Take a quiet walk through these last photos in honor of those buried there.