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Friday, July 7, 2023

Independence Day Parade

A tradition in many communities in New England is a parade on the 4th that includes anyone that wants to join. On the 4th Dan headed north to Orford, NH because the community band he plays in was booked for their parade.  I opted to join family one town over for that parade.

Emily and granddaughters #1 & #2 waiting for the more of the parade.  See their bags are already weighted with candy that was tossed.

Matt holds Maple who wants to get at candy too.

Here comes what everyone looks forward to.

McNamara Dairy known for their Mac's Maple Syrup and Maple Creamees passes out chocolate milk.

Here it comes!

The fire trucks bring up the end.

One last photo of the silent auction of cakes at the Historical Society.

Nice of the rain to stay away.  Fireworks in our town were delayed a day due to threat of thunderstorms which did hit us at 8 pm.