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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cotswolds Walking Tour - Day 3

This is the third of seven posts on our walking tour through the English countryside of the Cotswolds. We took a self-guided tour arranged by English Lakeland Ramblers which meant they provided the B & B accommodations, the transport of our luggage and detailed instructions and maps. It went amazingly smoothly.

Day 3: Bourton-on-the-Water to Guiting Power. 7 miles
Walk Description: "The route follows the River Windrush to the village of Naunton with its ancient dovecote and on to lovely Guiting Power, where the church has a fine Norman arch."

I wish I knew how to identify the different grains we saw growing.  Oats? Wheat? Barley?  We passed along all of these I imagine.

One of many gates we go through.

Notice the round marker on the fence post.  These were one of the four ways we kept to the right trail.  The others were the compass, the map and the written directions.

But sometimes we were at a loss because the written directions were ambiguous and the markers were no where in sight.  We traversed this field of mown hay twice before finally relying solely on the compass and map to find our way.  We found the markers two fields over.  New fences did not have the markers replaced on them.  At least the hay smelled lovely to walk through.

Another band of poppies?

First sign of a village was usually the steeple.

Lunch at the Black Horse Pub.

Ancient dovecote.

Parish church at Naunton.

Guiting Power on the horizon.

Resting in the B & B garden as we await 4 o'clock admittance and showers!

Farmers Arms Pub for dinner.