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Monday, April 25, 2022

My Garden Room


This clump of daffodils is tucked in a corner near the deck planted by former residents. There were irises in this space too that I transplanted.

Two different peonies that were in a very shaded garden 

and also in the midst of weeds at the edge of the field behind us have made their appearance this spring in a new flower bed where I moved them to last summer. Daughter Emily doesn't think they'll bloom for me this year because of how poorly they were doing in their former locations. 

The barn will be painted this summer but that doesn't prevent us from using it now.  The door on the left opens to what I've named the Garden Room. The doors leaning there outside are giveaways.  When we had a fence I thought I'd mount one on the fence after painting it. The other was going to be made into a headboard by son in law Matt. They have a headboard coming to them from his grandmother instead.

This was once an animal stall, likely for horses.

Dan built a potting bench for me and mounted a shelf.

My order from FedCo Seeds of perennials came on Friday last week and since we are not past our frost date, as instructed, I've temporarily planted the hosta, day lily and bleeding heart plants in potting soil.

Here's the door to an interior room with the steps that lead up to our rec room where the ping pong table is. See my blue bird bath on the floor on the right.  It's too soon to put that out too.

Love these daffodils - first color besides green and brown in the yard.