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Monday, May 11, 2015

Harvest Monday & What The Vegetable Garden Looks Like

Stop over with Daphne to see what other gardeners are harvesting.

I've been getting some lovely salad greens all last week and on Mother's Day Sarah used some of the tatsoi in a oriental soup.

Love these scissors from Pampered Chef for cutting up lettuce.

Use these snips on herbs - 4 blades cut them fine.

Greens in salad spinner - also a handy kitchen gadget.

Sunday's harvest.

Here's the vegetable garden this morning.  Last week I finished putting down the plastic mulch.

My spinach is the biggest I have had in a long time.  It's Regiment Spinach.

This bed has tatsoi, two kinds of lettuce and two kinds of bok choy.

These lettuces I grew inside and transplanted so much larger than seeded.

Garlic doing well, though bed needs weeding.

Another bed with garlic and varieties of lettuce.

So far the voles have not found this second sowing of snow peas.  Bok choy there too.  I will pick some of them tonight along with spinach for beef sukiyaki.