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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Checking In

I'm still here.  Healthy, safe, hibernating of sorts.

The weeks seem to pass fairly fast but I look back and wonder what I have to show for it?

Dan and I went out for lunch on Thursday.  We went to a drive through Checkers for fast food that we then ate in the car.  Checkers doesn't have a dining room, its all drive through so I don't think their business has been hurting.  We then took a drive.  When we came home we noticed the new sign, finally, in front of our home.  We took a closer look after parking the car.

See the expanse of wood being Dan on the right? Another sign is to go on there.  It's been a long time coming because the awning roof when first installed leaked water down on the wood.  Twice it had to be repaired. 

Finished another puzzle and started another.

Talking more with granddaughters.  Made these pigs and wolf to tell them the Three Little Pigs story.

Youngest granddaughter in Buffalo has the biggest laugh when her Papa pretends to eat the pigs.

Wish I could be with them in person.  This was the weekend of the ballet recital that had to be postponed.   We were combining the trip to NH with an overnight in Boston. Canceled that too of course.

Finished a book in one day yesterday: Skinwalker by Tony Hillerman.  A good mystery.  The next book to read is on the Churchhills during the Blitz.  It's a bit thicker and will take me longer if it holds my interest.

It's another gray day here after a rainy one yesterday.  Doesn't help one's mood, does it?