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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday Treasures #15 - Centennial Lake

I heard on the radio this morning that we have broken the record for consecutive days with measurable precipitation and the problem is the number of rainy days in a row aren't coming to an end.  The forecast is at least until Sunday for there to be rain every day.

I needed to get out and walk so I intended to drive to the Mall in Columbia but then while on the road decided to take myself to Centennial Lake despite the drizzle.  I had a sweatshirt and a rain jacket and pulled out an umbrella.  There were few people there but many were attired as I was.  The rain was light, more like spitting and when the trail was under trees the leaves acted as umbrellas.  The trail around the lake is 2.5 miles and it felt very good to walk.

I didn't have a camera along except for my cell phone.  Snapped these few not so great photos of the treasure that is Centennial Lake-a manmade lake the center of Centennial Park.

When we move back to Columbia I will be closer to this lake but even better there will be two smaller lakes within a short walk from my home.  No need to get into the car to get out and walk.

Update on the Auction.  It's interesting to see what's popular and what's not.  Last I checked no one had bid for my Amish collection so if it doesn't sell I guess it was meant to come with me.  (I told my husband that and you should have heard his groan.)  His artwork both glass, oil paintings and woodworking are not hot items either which is disappointing.  Auction house says the last hour is the busiest.  That will be Thursday evening.