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Saturday, June 4, 2011

New England "Living" Show House at Juniper Hill Inn, Windsor, Vermont

The Juniper Hill Inn in Windsor, Vermont is playing host to the New England Show House. I had a chance to visit it Saturday and have a tour guided by one of the owners who was very knowledgeable of all the decorators' touches in each of the rooms. I couldn't take photos inside but was allowed to photograph the gardens outside which have been landscaped by the owners.

For more information about this show house visit their website which does have a few photos of the interior posted.
This side of the house used to have the carriage entrance. Now it leads to a patio and gardens.

The gardens were fragrant with roses of which I couldn't identify the type.

Below a lovely vista of Lake Runnymeade. It earlier times Mt. Ascutney was visible but then there were no trees blocking the view.

There was an assortment of garden art through out to catch your eye.

Above left is the rose in a close up. Who can identify it for me?

Herbs in the Perennial Garden

My herb garden occupies one of the triangle beds in the perennial garden.
I have a wide assortment of herbs there.

Chives with their lovely purple blossoms - one of three plants each in a corner of the triangle.

There's a wide leaf sage (above) and a narrow leaf sage (below). I thought I had lost the top one but it survived. The narrow leaf with its flowers is visited daily by the hummingbird.

Lavender preparing to bloom.

Cilantro which is just an annual for me.

Basil started from seeds indoors and transplanted here.

Oregano the most prolific grower and self seeder. I find it everywhere and pull it out.

The mint is confined to a pot. I probably should have done this with the oregano. This year I transplanted the mint to a bigger pot and reburied it.

Another chive. On the far right you can see creeping thyme that I'm trying to grow to cover the paths of the perennial garden.

Savory, one of my favorites to use with vegetables.