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Thursday, August 7, 2008


The bluebirds must have had another nesting unbeknownst to me. Yesterday and today I spied young birds hanging around the bluebird box. I can't understand how I missed them nesting there again. I thought the house sparrow had driven them away. I'm glad it didn't. Now I know there will be a good chance for bluebirds next year as well.


I went for my usual walk this morning and as I headed down the hill I spied a furry mass on a bench the carpenters had made with scrap lumber. Two of these benches sit on a hill overlooking the big turn of our driveway's hill. As I approached I wondered what could that fur be? Then I saw the eyes and nose and recognized it as the fat groundhog that has been running across the driveway as we drive by. He saw me and decided his lounging time was done. So he scampered down from the bench and into the woods. I never thought that groundhogs take time to relax. This one surely must. I'll have to look for it tomorrow.